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Go Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024
'People don't hate advertising. They're just annoyed by thoughtless and irrelevant noise. Can you blame them? Who wants to see ads meant for someone else - or nobody in particular? We want to help create a reality where advertising speaks directly to you.' - Dmitri Lisitski, Co-Founder and CEO at Influ2.

Influ2 is the first and only platform to deliver ads to specific individuals by name. Our product has multiple exciting aspects from the development standpoint. We work closely with the APIs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, and Yahoo — some of them offer limited access, so there are very few companies in the world where you could gain this experience. We’ve developed a very sophisticated advertising targeting technology on top of the basic advertising platforms’ capabilities involving advanced probabilistic models, simulation, and scoring modules — something you rarely see in traditional B2B software. To further boost our product performance, we integrate with data providers, parsers, and searching systems. It is necessary to monitor rate limits and adapt to bot filters to take full advantage of our targeting algorithms.

Over 100 enterprises and mid-market companies worldwide, including industry leaders like Capgemini, Snowflake, and Hexaware, have adopted our person-based advertising.

As a Go developer at Influ2, you will bring new features for our customers to life while working in a combined frontend/backend team of professionals. Your tasks may include developing new or existing connectors to partners, building API for our frontend team, or implementing background calculations while closely working with the database. Together with your team, you will be able to make our clients happier.

What you'll do:

  • Develop complex distributed systems using Go.
  • Develop integrations with third-party services and data providers.
  • Implement optimization and stochastic algorithms.
  • Refactor existing modules

Who are you?

  • You bring 2+ years of working experience with Go
  • Have substantial experience with SOA/microservices
  • Have experience with REST API
  • Have experience with RDBMS MySQL or any fork. Ability to write complex SQL queries
  • Have experience with Redis
  • Have experience with writing unit and integration tests
  • Have a solid understanding of the back-end technology stack, including the networking stack
  • Have experience with Git
  • Experience with Javascript, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud, Prometheus, and distributed tracing will be a plus.


  • Intermediate English is required
  • Time management: You know how to optimize task prioritization and meet project deadlines efficiently while maintaining excellent quality of your work in a remote setting
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: You demonstrate a robust analytical mindset and ability to identify practical solutions within defined requirements and limitations. You also believe that data is the best way to make smart decisions
  • Communication and interpersonal skills: You collaborate with engineering team members and non-technical stakeholders to detect and solve challenging problems. Besides, maintaining a focus on customer needs is essential.
  • Continuous learning mindset: To excel in this role, it's vital to demonstrate a readiness to acquire and adjust to emerging technologies, industry shifts, and evolving customer requirements. Pursuing professional development opportunities and staying well-informed about the latest industry standards and methodologies are highly encouraged.
  • Curiosity: You enjoy working in an environment where you experiment and iterate quickly
  • Initiative: You demonstrate a proactive attitude by actively seeking opportunities to enhance work quality, identify and address potential issues, as well as suggest solutions to improve development workflows

At Influ2, we highly appreciate a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. So, even if your history doesn't perfectly match our list, we would still be delighted to receive your application and learn more about you!

What's in it for you?

  • Startup Environment. Influ2 has a flat organization without hierarchy in communication. Horizontal communication is encouraged, and everyone's opinion is essential
  • Working alongside a fast-growing team of professionals distributed among ten countries, setting the new global B2B advertising standard, already adopted by Fortune 500 companies
  • Flexible working environment when it comes to your schedule and location preference. We don't have fixed working hours. Choose where and when you work
  • Generous and flexible PTO policy empowers you to take the time you need, ensuring you come back refreshed and ready to make an impact