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Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
San Jose, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, August 11, 2023

Spec is searching for a Senior Software Engineer - DevOps to join our team in building the cloud platforms and infrastructure that are revolutionizing the fight against cyber-crime. You will be responsible for working with our DevOps Engineering team to drive the strategy, architecture, implementation, and operation of Spec's platform. You will engage with product development and customer success teams on a daily basis to shape the tools, systems, and processes which enable us to protect and serve the largest enterprises on the internet. Finally, you will work together on a small team of close-knit professionals to collaborate over strategic vision and tactical execution for a first-of-its-kind technology platform.

Why Spec?

Spec is a venture-backed startup with a people-focused culture and a mission to fight crime on the internet. Our unique platform solves enterprise-scale problems related to finding bad actors and protecting good users on the web. Our team is small but growing fast, meaning that each team member will make a significant impact and affect the future direction of our company. We accomplish this partly through working exclusively with modern technologies across the stack (Rust, TypeScript, GraphQL, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS, etc.) to build a scalable product and maintain a healthy development experience. Spec is a value-driven company looking to develop and support a team of engineers who want to enact change and solve interesting problems.

Our Values

Our values inform everything that we do. A company consists of people, not employees, and this idea is core to the heart of our team. We operate with empathy, transparency, and honesty in all internal and external interactions. We maintain a constant focus on learning and growth, both at an individual and organizational level. We actively seek out diverse perspectives to drive new ideas and empower innovation. Read more about our values on our company website.

The role will include:

  • Design, implement, and operate core, end-to-end elements of the platform, including:
    • Cloud infrastructure.
    • Networking strategies.
    • Software delivery.
    • Environment management.
    • Observability, monitoring, and alerting.
    • Load, failure, and security testing tools.
    • Incident tooling and management.
    • Platform performance and scalability.
    • Developer experience.
  • Collaborate with product development teams to accomplish shared goals and projects.
  • Engage in code review to collaborate over changes made to our platforms and tools.
  • Create, refine, automate, and optimize processes to reduce operational toil.
  • Mentor and train new team members as the company continues to grow.
  • Lead projects and initiatives from the strategic roadmap and tech debt backlog.
  • Factor in security, privacy, and compliance when designing platforms with sensitive data.
  • Participate in shared on-call rotations and incident response activities with the rest of the engineering organization.
  • Support customer-facing teams and their needs as necessary.
  • Contribute to strategic team planning in order to drive forward company and organizational goals.

What Skills Are Relevant

  • Experience contributing to agile software development teams.
  • Experience engaging in technical planning and architecture.
  • Experience with peer code review processes.
  • Experience working in mixed DevOps environments focused on strategic development and operations.
  • Experience operating in on-call and incident response scenarios with additional team support.
  • Experience working with cluster-based cloud platforms (Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Nix, etc.).
  • Experience designing and building cloud platforms using public cloud provider services (AWS, GCP, Azure).
  • Experience working with networking protocols, services, and controls (VPC, DNS, TLS, subnets, CIDR ranges, ACL, WAF, Ingress/Egress).
  • Experience building automated CI/CD pipelines and processes for code and infrastructure deployments (GitLab, Terraform, Argo CD).
  • Experience working with infrastructure-as-code and configuration-as-code tools (Terraform, CloudFormation, TerraGrunt, Helm, GitOps).
  • Experience managing observability and monitoring tools and platforms (Datadog, Grafana, Kafka, Prometheus, PagerDuty).
  • Experience orchestrating and configuring testing tools and platforms (K6.io, Apache Bench, SCA, DAST).

Job Perks

  • Company-paid health care for you and your dependents (medical, dental, and vision)

  • Unlimited PTO

  • 401k

  • Opportunities to travel multiple times a year (San Jose, Austin)

  • Home office reimbursement

  • Learning reimbursement

  • 20% time policy to pursue innovation

  • Quarterly Innovation Weeks

  • Referral bonus program

  • Frequent opportunities for growth in many directions

  • Happy hours, game days, holiday parties, off-site events

  • Headquarters in lively downtown San Jose, a 10-minute walk from CalTrain

Commitment To Diversity

We are Spec: whole, diverse, and authentic people. Some of us have had the same identity since birth, while the rest of us have come into ourselves through a series of life events. We recognize that companies are made out of people and strive to build a company that celebrates the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. This idea is so important that it became a core value around which we built the company. We are dedicated to sustaining an environment that's inclusive of people like you, exactly as you are.

The following compensation range represents potential salary for the candidate(s) who fill this position. Placement within this range is based on relevant skills and experience assessed during the interview process. This position may also include equity and/or bonus compensation, ask your recruiter for more information.
Salary Range
$170,000$200,000 USD